Weekend in Palma de Mallorca

Welcome back!

This past weekend I spent about four days on the Balearic island of Mallorca, just off the eastern coast of Spain. We flew into Palma  Thursday morning and stayed in the city for the weekend, then we headed back to Madrid Sunday night.

This was a trip I probably never would have planned on my own, but I am so glad I was able to see the island – I would definitely love to go back someday! I would also like to see the other Balearic islands, like Ibiza and Minorca, and to explore more of Mallorca itself, as we mainly stayed around Palma.

As soon as we stepped off the plane, I was amazed by the island. I’m not exactly sure what I expected, I think I was assuming it would be like most Caribbean islands – palm trees, beaches, and dry land. There were definitely palm trees and beaches, but there was so much more. The boats and cars that lined the water were unbelievable, and the buildings and architecture was so rich and modern. This was definitely not like any beach I’d been to before.

Our first meal in Mallorca was exactly what I needed, and what I was missing from the US. We went to a cute brunch spot called Santina and got avocado toast with feta and an egg, mimosas, and iced coffee (which is a very rare commodity here)!

We had another amazing meal that night for dinner. We overheard a couple at brunch talking about their favorite tapas bar in Spain, which happened to be right in Palma. The restaurant is called Bar España, and I can confirm that (so far) these are the best tapas I’ve had since I got here. My favorite was burrata with pesto on toast 🙂

Most of the weekend was spent at the beach – the weather was amazing and you can’t go to an island without visiting the beach! We went to Cala Major for three of the four days we were there, since this was closest main beach. The other side of the island is known for its beautiful beaches, but it was definitely difficult to get that far without a car, and honestly any beach would have worked for us.

I’ve always been a huge beach person, and being used to the beaches in New England/Cape Cod, I’ve found that most island beaches, while they’re much prettier, are not actually as fun, because the water is usually so warm and calm. This beach, however, had waves big enough to have fun in, and the water was so refreshing. I really hope to go back some day and see the other beaches, and the other islands as well.

We had one rainy day while in Palma, which ended up working out well so we could explore the city without feeling like we were missing a beach day. We visited the Catedral de Mallorca which was SO beautiful, and right along the water. We also walked around some markets and shops, just to get a feel for the city.

The apartment we stayed in had a beautiful view of the harbor, so we could sit on our terrace and look at the water. There were about 12 of us on the trip (8 in our apartment), so we were able to all hang out, cook meals, and enjoy our time on vacation. As much as I’m so excited to travel and explore so many amazing cities in Europe, I am so glad I was able to relax this weekend and not plan too much.

The next couple of months are packed with weekend trips, so I’ll be busy but I will definitely keep you updated! See you in France next week 🙂