Good morning and happy Monday, everyone!

I’m just writing a quick post today to update you all on some new and exciting news that I’ll be going into more detail on next week.

As you can tell, I’d started this blog as a travel blog, to keep family, friends, and others updated on my journeys and adventures abroad throughout 2019. I continued posting travel-related content once I returned from my semester abroad, but as you can imagine this became quite difficult once travel restrictions were implemented due to the pandemic. I would still love to include travel content on this page, but that’s a part of my life that I can’t fully explore right now or in the near future.

While I began to transition this page toward more lifestyle, health, and fitness related content, as well as focusing on these topics in my daily life, I realized that this is truly what I am passionate about and would like to write about. I’ve mentioned before that I am a spin instructor, and am also now teaching various stretching, strength and conditioning, and HIIT workouts virtually from home – which I hope I can make a career out of in the future! I also love reading and learning about nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes. So, it only makes sense that I focus my energy in the health and fitness field right now, which is something I’m excited to commit to going forward.

I am excited to announce that next week I will be launching an entirely new blog page fully devoted to health and fitness! Because this page was started with a focus on travel, I want to keep it that way and hopefully return here occasionally when I do begin traveling again to update you all on my experiences. That being said, what I really want to do is expand my health and fitness content and career path, and I don’t think I can do that on this page without a fresh start. I have been working hard on creating this new page, and will be completing the finishing touches in this next week so that everything is ready to go for next Monday’s launch.

This new page will contain various work out routines and plans, nutrition tips, healthy recipes, and my personal thoughts and opinions on different fitness regimes. I want to create a clean and motivational space to share my passion for health and fitness with you all, and experience a journey toward a healthier and happier lifestyle alongside you!

I will be posting on this page again next Monday with specific information on my new page, how you can access it and subscribe, and to say a temporary goodbye to my travel followers. I want to separate the two spaces as they are two different passions in my life, and will therefore attract different followers and community members. I understand that those of you who signed up for this page to receive travel content might not be interested in health and fitness content, so this new page will be 100% focused in that realm.

I’m going to get back to work on my new page for now, but thank you all for understanding my switch and I hope to see many of you on the other side next week! Have a great holiday weekend, and as always, I’ll see you soon 🙂



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