A Week in My Life Abroad: Madrid to Copenhagen

Hi, again!

As classes have now finished and I’m in my final weeks here in Spain, I’m doing my best to squeeze in as much activity as I can before I return to the States. This week in Madrid was definitely a busy one, as the next few will likely be as well, and then this weekend I was able to visit my roommate in Copenhagen, Denmark for my last trip of the semester!

Starting out the week was definitely stressful, as I had my last three days of classes Monday through Wednesday, and then immediately began Christmas activities. My friends and I took a bus (called the Navibus) around Madrid on Wednesday night which passes through all of the Christmas lights they’ve set up, and it was so nice to finally be able to really celebrate the holidays. Unfortunately I had my first final exam on Thursday, so it was a busy week of studying, and then I left straight from my exam to the airport.

Spending time with my roommate in Copenhagen was so nice, not only because I haven’t seen her all semester, but it was really nice to have a quick break before buckling down to take my remaining 5 finals back in Madrid. I was only in Denmark for two nights, but we spent our time exploring the city (especially the Christmas markets!), and I took advantage of the amazing food there – I’m starting to get sick of tapas!

Copenhagen was very similar to Amsterdam, which might have been my favorite city so far, so I really liked exploring different neighborhoods and seeing all of the Christmas decorations. The one thing I could’ve done without, though, is the cold weather. I’m definitely a warm weather person, so getting back to Madrid (even though it’s still pretty chilly here) was great.

Now that I’m back, I’ve been hustling to study for the rest of my finals, as I have four on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then my last one the following Monday. On Sunday morning, my friends and I continued to get into the Christmas spirit by running a 5k in Santa suits – so much fun! The suits were far from durable so we lost most of them by the end, but we got to cross the finish line under (fake) snow, so I got a little taste of Boston in my last two weeks here.

This upcoming week will be filled with studying and exams, but once I finish I have some time to spend in Madrid before I leave, so I’m excited to get my last few memories in. I’m so thankful for all the experiences I’ve had these past four months, and I can’t wait to continue traveling the world! Thank you for following along with me on all of my journeys, and I’ll see you next week for my final post of abroad!



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One thought on “A Week in My Life Abroad: Madrid to Copenhagen

  1. Richard Gilman says:

    I hope your week went well. I’m trying to picture you running around between studying and taking all your exams in the same week. Sounds insane. You will, of course, ace all the exams because that’s just what you do🤓. On with your adventures

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