My Travel Bucket List

Good afternoon! Once again, I’m getting a late start today as I’ve been catching up on lots of homework for the week 🙂

This week I wanted to take a more positive, forward-looking shift and start thinking about some goals for the future. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been building up a list of places I want to travel someday in a Note on my phone. In the last week I finally transferred that to paper, and hopefully I can start exploring some of these places soon once traveling is okay again.

I wanted to share my bucket list with you all (in no particular order), first to give you some ideas of new potential destinations, but also to hold myself accountable, and start manifesting the journeys I hope to explore. I hope you enjoy this list, and PLEASE let me know if you have any suggestions I should add!

1. Bruges & Brussels, Belgium

Although I drove through Belgium on my way from Paris to Amsterdam, I was never able to stop and spend time there, so definitely somewhere I want to return to!

2. Sintra, Portugal

I was able to visit Porto in October, but I’ve heard amazing things about Sintra as well. I know I will return to both Spain and Portugal at some point, so this is a city I will definitely make sure to hit.

3. Zurich & Interlaken, Switzerland

I never got to visit Switzerland while I was abroad, but if I had more time this would’ve been next on my list. I would love to go back and spend some time here in the spring or fall!

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Another city I never got to visit while studying abroad, but would’ve loved to had I had more time to travel!

5. Ireland

This has been on my bucket list for years, and I can’t pick just one part of Ireland – I would love to spend a few weeks (or even a few months) exploring all over the country, and hopefully even connecting with some family over there as well.

6. Greece

Again, I can’t pick just one city, but Greece is another place I know I’ll be spending LOTS of time. I want to see Athens, since I spent so much of high school learning about Ancient Greece, and I also want to explore Santorini and the Greek islands.

7. Berlin, Germany

I was able to visit Munich for a couple of days in September, and it was very cool and very different from other European cities I’d visited. I’ve heard lots about Berlin and would love to return someday.

8. Utrecht, Netherlands

This was a recommendation I received while studying abroad, so of course I added it to the list! Amsterdam was my favorite city that I visited outside of Madrid, so I have a good feeling I would enjoy Utrecht as well.

9. Salzburg, Austria

During my solo backpacking trip across Eastern Europe in October I stopped by Vienna for about a day and a half, but I’m very interested to return and see more of the country.

10. Uzupis, Lithuania

This is the city that made me start a travel list in the first place – years ago I read that Uzupis is one of the most underrated places to travel, so since then I’ve been so intrigued and will be sure to plan a trip there some day.

11. Granada, Alicante, Cáceres, Trujillo, Plasencia, Cuenca, Valencia, & Bilbao, Spain

Of course my list of Spanish cities to visit is very long! There were so many places I wasn’t able to find the time to see, but I know I will be back one day so I’m not worried about missing these 🙂

12. Alaska, US

If I had to pick anywhere in the United States to visit next, it would definitely be Alaska. I have been dying to visit one summer.

13. Tenerife, Spain (Canary Islands)

Another Spanish destination, but off the mainland!

14. New Zealand & Australia

There are far two many cities here to list them all, but I know once I take this trip it’s going to have to be months long for me to explore everything I want to see.

15. Southeast Asia

Once again, there are way too many countries and cities here that I want to visit, but it’s an area of the world I’ve never explored before so I’m excited to see a completely new region. I know I want to spend some time in India, Thailand, and Vietnam – and once I’m there, I know I’ll want to travel all over!

Like I said, this list in in no particular order, and by no means a complete list of everywhere I’d like to visit. This is just a compilation (so far) of the cities and countries I’d heard in passing that were worth me noting on my phone. There are so many more places I plan to visit, and I didn’t want to make this list too long for you all, so for now these are my goals (but I will DEFINITELY be adding more soon) 🙂

Once again, please let me know if you have any suggestions, or even if you’ve been to one of these places and have tips or stories to share! I hope everyone is staying safe at home, and I’ll see you all nest week.



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3 thoughts on “My Travel Bucket List

  1. Richard Gilman (Tony) says:

    What an incredible list!!!! I may have said to you that we have some friends who went to
    Portugal last summer and absolutely loved it. I also love that you write down your goals. That takes them out of the dream category and makes them into a purpose or plan. You are so positive and upbeat. Keep that attitude and it will, almost always, lead to success. Take care and stay healthy. Tony and Mitzi

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sartenada says:

    Great post. I love Gran Canarias more than Tenerife. It my personal opinion. I have made many Las Palmas posts and showing that it differs very much about that people generally think. I just wonder why on your list there is no reindeer rides, which are popular in Finland!

    Have a good day!

    Liked by 1 person

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